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Kustia is heaven for folk , baul, & different patriotism songs. So many melodious songs is created from Kustia. Itís the father of folks songs. Basically there is a village as name kustia village. Thus kustia name is sourced from that kustia village.

Acadamic Statistics

According to general information Kustia has 747 primary school, 262 high school, 58 college & 64 Madrasha.


Kumar , Ghorai & Kaliganga are the rivers in kustia.

Places to See

Kustia has some visited & historical sightseeing places which are The grave yard of Lalon Fakir, Rabindronath thakurís kutibar, Islami University, Nill Kuthi bari, Heat generated Electricity Centre, Mohini fabrics Mill, Ghorai par etc.

Famous Personnel

And Alsao some great personage in kustia they are Shah Azizur Rahman, Gulam Kibria, Md. Ala Uddin, Masud Rumi, Novelsit Akbor Hossain, Shamsul Huda, Mir Musharof Hossain, Lalon Shah, Kangal Horinath, Sayed Altaf Hossain, Barrister Amirul Islam, Nur Alom Ziku, Professor Gulam Md. MOhiuddin, Professor Toib Hossain & many more.


District Commissioner

Office - (0451) 62300

Residence - (0451) 62301

District Judge

Office - (0451) 53391

Residence - (0451) -

Civil Surgeon

Office - (0451) 54161

Residence - (0451) -

Sadar Hospital

Office - (0451) 62449

Residence - (0451) -

District Super

Office - (0451) 62091

Residence - (0451) 53016

Hotels in KUSTIA
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