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Barishal - The Enjoyable and unforgettable

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Barisal City is an old port on the Kirtankhola on the northern shore of the Bay of Bengal in southern Bangladesh. It lies in the Meghna-Padma River delta on the Kirtonkhola, an offshoot of the Arial Khan River. It is now the divisional headquarter of the Barisal. Barisal municipality was established in 1957 and was turned into a City Corporation in 2000. It is a trade centre, most notably for rice, hides, and pulses. Bakery, textile, Pharmaceutical products are output of a few industrial installation. It is linked by ship with Dhaka, about 73 miles (117 km) to the north. Chittagong to the southeast and Khulna to the southwest, Barisal is home to several government colleges, including the Sher-e-Bangla Medical College, as well as dozens of private higher-education institutions. Barisal gives its name to a curious natural phenomenon known as the Barisal guns, thundering noises heard in the delta and apparently coming from the sea. The sounds have not been satisfactorily explained but may have a seismic origin.


The ancient name of Barisal was CHANDRADVIPA. The capital of this kingdom was at Bakla. The founder of the kingdom was Danuj Madhav or Danuj Mardhan Dev. Barisal was a semi-independent area in Mughal period. In course of time, it fell under Bengal Nawabs and British India, later passed to Bangladesh.

After the partition of India in 1947, the area of Bangladesh became a state of Pakistan, initially known as East Bengal, and then, from 1955, as East Pakistan. The people of East Pakistan Province stated their independence as the nation of Bangladesh on March 26, 1971, while fighting a savage war in opposition to the central Pakistani government. The severance from Pakistan took place, with extensive assistance from India, on December 16, 1971 as a result of the third Indo-Pakistan War. Bangladesh was soon accepted by most other nations, although Pakistan withheld diplomatic recognition until 1974 and China did not recognize the nation until 1976. Bangladesh was acknowledged to the United Nations in 1974.

6 Hotels | 0 Article(s) | 7 Member Visited

Weather and Geography

The geographical location of Barisal - Coordinates: 22°30 N, 90°20 E

The central city of this region is the city of Barisal. It is one of the biggest river ports in Bangladesh. It is a city with nearly 0.38 million people and a divisional headquarter Barisal District has an area of 2790.51 sq km is bounded by madaripur, shariatpur, chandpur and lakshmipur districts on the north, patuakhali, barguna and jhalokati districts on the south, bhola and Lakshmipur districts on the east, Jhalokati, pirojpur and gopalganj districts on the west. The Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority's head office is located here. Barisal is fast growing city of our country stands on the Kirtankhola River. Barisal.Barisal town consists of 30 wards and 50 mahallas. The area of the town is 16.37 sq km. Barisal municipality was established in 1957 and was turned into a city corporation in 2000. It has a population of 202242; male 53.28%, female 46.72%. Literacy rate among the town people is 65%. The town has three dakbungalows and six police outposts.

Barisal falls into the monsoon climate zone and has all its characteristics. The annual average temperature of Barisal: maximum 35.1º C, minimum 12.1º C and annual rainfall 1955 mm. Noted rivers are lower meghna, arial khan, katcha, kirtankhola, tentulia, Naya Bhanga, Jayanti, Shwarupkathi and Amtali.

To DO and To See

In Barisal the main thing you can do is to go for a river cruise which will be enjoyable and unforgettable. Except that you can go to the archaeological sites to see ancient heritage and relics of Barisal. The major Archaeological heritage and relics are - Rammohan Samadhi Mandir, Sujabad Kella, Sangram Kella, Sharkal Fort, Girja Mahalla, Bell's Park, Ebadullah Mosque, Kasai Mosque, Oxford Church, Shankar Math, Kali Bari of Mukunda Das, Joint Mosque at Bhatikhana, ASWINI KUMAR TOWN HALL, Charkella, DURGASAGAR Dighi, one domed Mosque (Kasba), brass image of Manasa weighing three maunds (Char Bania Bari).


By Road Barisal is 200 km away from Dhaka. Road communication improved in last decade with building of few bridges. And now you can find luxury bus service from Dhaka to Barisal.

Barisal has one airport which is the only one of its kind in Bangladesh. It's a short landing and takes off airport and a private Airlines named Air Bengal has begun its regular air flight between Dhaka Tejgaon Airport.

The most popular transport system for traveling to barisal is by water ways. Because rivers connect it with other district better than any other transport system. The luxurious launch journey connects between the south and Dhaka city. It is one of the most enjoyable night journeys ever you could get in your life. The launches are really royal, majestic and with pomp and pleasure. Some royal launches are:

  • MV Sundarban 7
  • MV Sundarban 8
  • MV Surovi 8
  • MV Surovi 7
  • MV Surovi 6
  • MV Dipraj
  • MV Parabat 11
  • MV Parabat 9
  • MV Parabat 7
  • MV Kirtonkhola 1
  • MV Kalam Khan

Communication and Network

Barisal has a highly developed communication and network system. It has both land line and mobile phone network. As it is one of the divisional headquarter its internet infrastructure is well build and has a very high speed internet connection.

So it’s clear that Barisal is a magnificent place to visit and will be a super hit tourism spot. That’s why without visiting Barisal a trip to Bangladesh can’t be fulfilled.

District Commissioner

Office - (0431) 52122/52441

Residence - (0431) 52121/54111

District Judge

Office - (0431) 52168

Residence - (0431) 52164

Civil Surgeon

Office - (0431) 52209

Residence - (0431) 62665

Sadar Hospital

Office - (0431) 52519

Residence - (0431) -

District Super

Office - (0431) 52168

Residence - (0431) 52146

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